About Evoke

Evoke Electric Motorcycles designs and manufactures smart motorcycles that are safer, greener, and more accessible to those with the desire to ride. Evoke combines the latest electric power train with IoT and IoV technology; resulting in motorcycles that excites professional riders, while offering comfort and safety that appeals to beginners. By simplifying the riding mechanics and integrating smart technology, we have eliminated a rider’s learning curve, expensive maintenance costs and dependencies on fossil fuel. We are unlocking the lifestyle and sport to new riders through our stylish brand, simplified riding experience and enhanced safety. Our smart motorcycles embody the future of motorcycling.

The Evoke Team

Nathan Siy
Hardcore electric vehicle fanatic, softcore motorcycle rider; part electronic engineer, part entrepreneur, fully passionate about sharing the electric motorcycle experience with new riders. 20+ years building cars and motorcycles, 8 years on electric vehicles, and 11 years exploring the urban terrain in Beijing, China.
Chris Riether
Hacker, programmer, builder and tinkerer; any machine can be improved with the right screwdriver. There's a certain serenity designing circuits and programming algorithms and the contrasting excitement when the component comes to life. As a new rider, I aim to enhance the riding experience with tech for a safer and more convenient experience.

Lachlan Rathbone
Weixing Zhao
VP China
Sebastian Chrobok
VP Europe

Amanda Wright
Accessories & Apparel Manager
Ren Chin Zonbo
Sales Manager
Jane Li
China Marketing
Jack Wang
Embedded Systems
JT Chen
Supply Chain Manager
Easson Zhao
Industrial Design
Pan Pan Jia
Production Manager
Jason Ma
Business Development
James Hook
CAD Designer
Jack The Dog
Head of Security