Clean Riding - Infinite Range

MyEvoke is the first service to meet the requirements of modern Urban riders and commuters. For riders who want the enjoyment of their own motorcycle without the normal hassle of ownership.

20 Second Charge

No more long charges. When your Evoke Pulse is running low on charge, you simply ride to a swap station and exchange your bike for a fresh, fully charged bike that’s exactly the same specifications as the bike you are used to. The whole process takes 20 seconds

Unlimited Range

Range anxiety is a thing of the past. With MyEvoke, you can experience carefree riding without finding charging stations or always checking if you have enough range to make it home. Simply swap your bike when you’re out and about and keep riding. You decide how far you go, not your bike.

Maintenance Free

With a fresh Evoke Pulse every time you swap, you can forget about dealing with the hassles of maintaining your bike. You will always have a fully prepped bike ready to go. Just get on and ride.

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