Evoke Electric Motorcycles

The Next Generation of Riding

Urban S

Developed with style, safety and simplicity in mind, the Urban S can take on anything from city scape environments to country side rides alike.


MyEvoke, the world’s fastest charge.20 second and you’re on your way with a fully charged Evoke Pulse. By utilizing a network of Swap Stations, You’re never more than a few kilometres away from a freshly charged bike. 

All the benefits of owning your own bike without all the hassle of maintenance or repairs. The MyEvoke program fully maintains and services all Evoke Pulse’s, while Your ride settings and personal preferences follow you with each Swap. 

An electric motorcycle that is always charged up. With rising fuel costs, transition to electric is a no-brainer. With the MyEvoke program, all electricity is packaged in. With unlimited range and unlimited Swaps, your MyEvoke subscription is bundled with everything you will ever need to enjoy the ride.