The Evoke Urban S

The ability to simplify stems from perfection. Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Take away your carbon footprint, complexity and risk, and what you’re left with is Evoke’s flagship smart electric motorcycle, the Urban S.

Evoke’s Urban S is a European-style, zero emission electric motorcycle. Boasting 200 kilometers of range and impressive acceleration, it is the ideal smart motorcycle to navigate urban settings. It is the first electric motorcycle with precision braking, with both front and rear brakes on the handlebar, tech-enabled accessories, such as built-in navigation, and a clutchless design making it the perfect vehicle for cityscapes and countryside rides alike.


5’’ Display

The Urban S allows for seamless wireless connectivity with your smart device. With built-in navigation, never doubt where you’re going.

No Clutch, No Gears, All Torque

86lbs/ft of torque redefines acceleration for riders new and old. The Urban S is the first electric motorcycle truly designed for new riders. No training needed.

Li-on Battery

Patented battery design gives the Urban S a city range of 200km on a single charge. Our regenerative braking system is specifically designed for the urban environment.

100% Green Energy

With a fully electric powertrain, the Urban S reduces CO2 emissions by over 90%. The Evoke HomeCharge© kit lets you charge at your convenience.

Precision Braking™

The Evoke Urban S has its rear brake control on the handlebars – not as a foot brake. Precision Braking gives the experienced rider more control, while the new rider can learn in under ten minutes.

Ownership Costs

With only one moving part and a chainless design, the Urban S drastically reduces all maintenance costs. Plus, never pay for gas again.

Top Speed

130 km/h (81 mph)

Acceleration (0 - 50 km/h)

2.5 seconds

Max power

19 kW

Max torque

86 lb-ft

Motor type

17" high output hub motor


400A DC wave controller with regenerative braking


200 km (125 miles)

Highway, 80 km/h (50 mph)*

120 km (75 miles)

Battery type

99.2v, 90ah Lithium Ion Evoke PowerPack

Rated nominal capacity

9.0 kWh

Standard charge time (0-100% DOD, typical)

8 hours
(3 hours with Level 2 charging to 80%)

Front Brakes

Dual disc, 4 piston hydraulic 300×4 mm

Rear Brakes

Single disc, 2 piston hydraulic 220×4 mm

Front Suspension

42mm inverted fork, dual shock

Rear Suspension

Single shock rear

Front Wheel

3.00×17 cast aluminum

Rear Wheel

3.00×17 built-in hub motor
w/ cast aluminum wheel

Front Tire


Rear Tire


Curb Weight

180 kg

Carrying Capacity

150 kg


1360 mm (54.4 inches)


2030 mm (81.2 inches)

Width (excluding mirrors)

710 mm (28.4 inches)

Seat Height

780 mm (31.2 inches)

Ground Clearance

130 mm (5.2 inches)

Urban S




ZF13 + PT


Price (USD)

$5,400intro price*














Target Demographic

New Riders,
Urban Commuters

Existing riders

Existing premium riders

MX riders

Existing higher end riders


Key Features

Smart Accessories,
Accessible for new riders

Mid-Market Electric Motorcycle

DC Fast Charging, Italian, Performance EV

Dirt or super-moto only,
MX Performance

High Range, High Price Mid-Market EV

Fastest Electric Bike

Why Urban S

Price to Range Ratio, Style, Simplicity

Price: 22% more
Range: 35% less

Premium EV
Price: 67% more
Range: comparable

Few on-road capabilities, Motocross

Price: 85% more
Range: 63% more

Few on-road capabilities, Racing